Kidz Cutz by Lori


     Hello, My name is Lori Balentine and I  offer a wide range of Hair Care Services for children of all ages. Kidz Cuts offers an interactive, clean, and fun filled experience for the entire family.

      Kidz Cuts by Lori . . . here to untangle the hair care challenges for parents, guaranteeing convenient solutions for all your children's hair care needs.

Children under 2 years

  • First haircuts, no problem!  I've done haircuts on children as young as 1 month old
  • Hold your child on your lap and don't worry, I'm creative and experienced in getting the job done
  • Save a lock of hair and get a certificate and photo to preserve the memory


  • Watch your favorite movie while sitting in a fun car . . . wow!
  • Quality kids haircuts!
  • Extensive experience serving Special Needs Children

School Age Children

  • Play X-box games while getting your haircut

  • I also have a second controller so your brother or sister can play too!

  • Consistently great cuts!

Store Hours

Open 7 Days by Appointment Only


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Kidz Cuts by Lori
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Store Hours

Open 7 Days by Appointment Only